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5Gbps 50m USB3.0 Male to Female Active Optical Cable
Item Description

NEATEL's new of revolutionary USB active optical cables are available. It extends USB3.0 super speed devices up to 100m over OM3 fiber. Compared to traditional USB cable, USB AOC has competitive strength by neglecting extenders, hubs and additional power supply.

Features and Applications

• Compliant with USB3.0 specification;

• Support 5G transmission rate;

• Support function: Support USB3.0 to transfer data;

• Support hot swap, plug and play, no need to install driver;

• Working voltage: 5V (can be connected to external power supply);

• Optical fiber transmits high frequency signals without electromagnetic and radio frequency interference;

• The length can be customized, up to 50 meters transmission;

• Metal shell design enhances product strength and texture.

Technical Parameter
Connector Type
USB3.0 AM - USB3.0 AF
Bandwidth 5Gbps
Power Consumption ≤250mW
Fiber Cable Length 10 - 50m
Cable Design OM3 Fiber + 2C Copper (Hybrid)
Cable OD 3.0mm
Cable Jacket TPU / PVC (CL2,FT4/CMP,FT6)
Functional Outer Power Supply Supporting
Cable Tensile (Long Term/Short Term) 100N / 200N
Cable Crushing (Long Term/Short Term) 200N / 400N
Min Bedning Radius (Dyn. / Sta.) 20mm / 10mm
Operating / Storage Temp. 0℃ -50℃ / -20℃-70℃