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3.0mm SC APC Field Assembly Connector Cabling Assembly
Item Description
SC field-installable connectors (FIC) are factory terminated and polished to make fibre terminations fast, easy and reliable. These fibre optic connectors offer terminations in less than 2 minutes without any difficulty and require no epoxy, polishing or crimping. The FIC greatly reduces the installation and set up time. It has a window feature to allow testing with a visual fault locator.
Features and Applications
• Polished connector incorporating a mechanical splice;
• Available in singlemode and multimode (50/125 and 62.5/125);
• Durable, reliable and superior optical performance;
• Compatible with standard SC adaptors;
• Termination can be repeated 2-3 times;;
• Packaging comes with a cable/buffer stripping template
• Complies with IEC, EIA/TIA or Telecordia standards
• Fibre preparation kit available.


• Rapid repair of optical networks;
• FTTH end user termination;
• Hazardous environment termination where fusion splicing is prohibited.

Technical Parameter
Connector Type SC Universal
Fiber Mode Singlemode and Multimode
Insertion Loss (Max.) 0.5dB
Insertion Loss (Typical) 0.3dB
Return Loss (Typical) 50dB
Polishing Type APC or UPC