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FTTR Fiber to the room Invisible Fiber Cable
Item Description
Due to the rapid development of the FTTH, it is going to be extend to FTTR which means The Fiber to the Room, all Optical Wi-Fi solution directly extends optical fibers to each room, achieving gigabit coverage everywhere at home or building. But in some specific scenarios, FTTR is relatively difficult to implement, such as the houses and offices which have been already decorated, it is supported with FTTH only, and so we need some external forces to help achieve the FTTR.

The Invisible Cable Pack is an extension way for the FTTH solution, offers virtually invisible and faster installation way to extend the FTTH drop cable inside of the house. This solution provides a complete in-building solution that can help accelerate the adoption of fiber optic service through faster and lower installation than traditional installation techniques with a virtually invisible result. These benefits can result in higher subscriber acceptance and take rates. The plate with 3M transparent adhesive, so engineer or users can adhesive it on the wall easily.
Features and Applications

1) Fiber to the room Application;
2) Fiber optic communications indoor environments.


1) Virtually invisible and make house attractive;
2) Easy installation and maintenance;
3) Experience amazing fiber optic network.

Technical Parameter
Product name FTTR Invisible Fiber Cable
Connector Type SC/LC/ST
Capacity Ports 1FO, Simplex
Cable OD 0.9mm
Adapter Type SC/LC/ST available
Cable Material Nylon
Insertion Loss Standard type SM /APC≤0.3dB
Return Loss PC >50dB, APC>60dB
Length 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40mtrs
Working Temperature -20°C~+70°C