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NEATEL of 2015 USA OFC Exhibition

Date: 2015-12-19   Source: Neatel Optic Technology

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Business Description:
HDMI Active Optical Cable, DP Active Optical Cable, USB Active Optical Cable, DVI Active Optical Cable.

Introduction: NEATEL is a firstly fiber optic professional manufacturer of transmission system. Our core team was organized by technical elites who have more than 7 years' experience in Optical Communication and Audio/Video industry. For audio and video transmission limit, high developed transmission technology and media in optical communication industry is introduced to audio/video industry, highly integrate NEATEL hybrid fiber optic cable, perfectly achieve high bandwidth, ultra-long distance transmission, Besides, it is environmental friendly and radiation free, no interference from the external environment, plug & play. The 2020 Chinese and Foreign Engineers Conference and Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum will be held on November 14 at the 22nd High-Tech Fair. NEATEL optical fiber cable, along with the AI intelligent voice translation system patented by the brand Dako, attended this forum and gave a special speech. The 22nd China International Hi-Tech Fair (referred to as the High-tech Fair) was jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. The Chinese and Foreign Engineers Conference and Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum held at the same time were hosted by the Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology, organized by the Shenzhen Federation of Engineers, Shenzhen Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Association, etc., China Federation of Engineers Associations, Beijing Institute of Engineers, Guangdong Province Engineers Society, Zhongshan More than 30 social organizations and enterprises, including the Association for Science and Technology and Macau Computer Society.