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12F MTP Female - LC Singlemode OS2 Fiber Optic Breakout Cable
Item Description

NEATEL MTP® to LC staggered harnesses provide breakout from 12-fiber MTP connectors to 12 x DLC connectors. These harnesses are available in six stagger configurations to meet various port-replication needs. Stagger options replicate the specific switch ports to save on excess cable length. The NEATEL module harness is designed to create a crossconnect point near the electronics by enabling port replication. This harness uses 12 x DLC connectors to interface with the electronics and a non-pinned MTP pinned connector to connect into the back of a module.

Features and Applications

● 12-core MTP - 12xLC duplex multiple fiber assembly.
● Singlemode & Multimode available.
● New miniature Breakout Module - saving space within patching management area the same time providing robust and safe transition between cable and tails.
● Female MTP/MPO connectors for direct connection into QSFP+transceiver.
● LSZH, OFNP, OFNR cable jacket types selection.
● Rapid deployment Factory terminated modular system saves installation and reconfiguration time during moves, ads and changes.
● Reliability 100% tested - combination of high quality components and manufacturing quality control guarantees product to the highest standards.
● The fiber types are SM (G657A1), MM (OM3/OM4).


● Storage area network.
● Data center and infrastructure.
● Fibre Channel.

Technical Parameter
40G MPO / MTP® Cable on 12-Fiber Assembly Specification
Channels #1-4 For Rx (Receive)
Channels #9-12 For Tx (Transmit)
Channels #5-8 unused

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