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NEATEL provides high performance and innovative products and services for the rapidly evolving Fiber to The Home market. We leverage over 10 years of experience in creating tailored connectivity solutions which deliver business-critical services safely and reliably. Our solutions are relevant regardless of the environment or application, and whenever there is a demand for quality, you can rely on us. As a valuable partner in connectivity business with decades of experience, our FTTX Cabling Solution helps customers fulfill every cabling need for high density, high bandwidth, high scalability in this bandwidth-hungry era.


Why hundreds of companies keep choosing NEATEL despite some others can have a lower price offer?

In 10 Years of existence, NEATEL has proven to be a reliable partner with original approach to a customer that is One-Stop Service. It guarantees:

Quality. Thanks to our inside quality control system, every single cable and equipment undertakes quality test right before sending out to the customer. That makes sure you are getting 100% working products. We also guarantee the quality of our total solutions because they are based on our own equipment.

Equipment. NEATEL produces all range of equipment necessary to cover four fields in fiber optics (FTTH FTTx, Cabling systems, CCTV & Surveillance, Patch Cord Production Line). That includes OLTs, ONUs, Cables, Media Converters, CATV, OTDRs, Fusion Splicers, Cleavers, Splice Closures, ODF and more and more. Knowledge & Experience. In 28 of existence, we have gathered wide range of knowledge in the field and thanks to numerous projects with our clients we have experienced good and bad situations, that allowed us to see which way our common projects are heading.

Consultancy. We are always ready give a consultation or training to our customer to know how to use our equipment by video or any other way. If you have any trouble during the process of deployment, we will provide you a consultation or solution to prevent or fix any unwanted difficulty.

Design. If you have a need to deploy fiber optic network and you are not sure how to make it, we will be glad to prepare a design of the network for your area and arrange right equipment according to environmental and technical needs.

Service. Our customer service team carefully communicates with each of our client to know their needs and be a bridge between you and company’s inner infrastructure.

Terms. We keep our promises and make sure that goods are prepared and sent out in agreed terms.

Flexibility. We are flexible to support our customer and fit your needs.

You can easily become one of the just by contacting us directly at

FTTx technology is mainly used for fiberization of access networks. The range is from the central office equipment of the regional telecommunications room to the user terminal equipment. The central office equipment is the optical line terminal (OLT) and the customer equipment is the optical network unit (ONU) or Optical Network Terminal (ONT). According to the distance from the fiber to the user, FTTx technology can be divided into four service modes: Fiber To The Cabinet (FTTCab), Fiber To The Curb (FTTC), Fiber To The Building (FTTB) and Fiber To The Home (FTTH). US operator Verizon combines FTTB and FTTH with Fiber To The Premise (FTTP). The above services can be collectively referred to as FTTx.

Factors that contribute to the development of FTTx

The rapid development of HDTV, VOD, HIS and other services has become more and more demanding on bandwidth. The optical access transmission distance is long, the coverage is large, and the site capacity is larger. It provides high bandwidth for residents and small and medium business users. Passive optical network between the central office and the user saves cost and improves reliability. The use of fiber optic cable instead of copper cable greatly reduces equipment and maintenance costs and improves service quality. The access medium evolves from copper wire to fiber, and the entire access layer optical network (ODN) needs to be modified to bring new market opportunities. The legislative bodies of the United States and other countries have introduced the "Telecom Law", which has lifted the control of its domestic telecommunications market, and users can obtain low-cost and high quality services. Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries have issued a series of related bills to support the construction of broadband information in the country, which provides a great impetus for the development of FTTx network.

NEATEL is the manufacturer evolution of today’s products - made better

When we set out to design our new NEATEL fiber-to-the-X (FTTX) ecosystem, we listened carefully to our customers. You informed us that solutions must deliver the agility to evolve quickly while providing the flexibility to work seamlessly with any field application. We also learned you need solutions that deliver reliability today - and decades from now - so that you can realize your goals and keep pace with the rapidly changing network environment.


The NEATEL hardened terminals advantage -
Configurable. Scalable. Simple.

1) Widest variety of technologies available from a single platform

· Single- and multi-fiber,splitters, optical tap, fiber indexing, and on-demand hybrid configurations

2) Application flexibility for new builds and upgrades

· Extended choice of cable types and sizes; stubless Configurations
· Minimized footprint for optimal port count and terminal size
· Black and gray colors for ease of concealment

3) Ready for the field workforce of the future

· Unique network identification with manufactured design

· Uniform installation practices and documentation speeds cross-training

4) Agile Chinese supply chain backed by common platform design and processes

· 100% manufacturing Advantage

· Fast delivery support