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NEATEL is a optical communication enterprise with highly working experience for active optical cable in fiber optic industrial, a worldwide one-stop provider of high-speed mixed signal transmission and fiber optic connectivity business for 8 yearrs. NEATEL OPTIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED is a manufacturer with 170 employees. Located in No. 282 Binyang, 530418 Nanning City, Guangxi Province, China. We specialize in designing, researching, developing and manufacturing of Preconectorized NAP CTO Terminal Box, Harden Optical Connector and Drop Cable, Optical Fiber Connector, Optical Fiber Coupler, Optical Fiber Attenuator, Optical Fiber Panel, Optical Fiber Splitter and Optical Terminal Box. We stick to the principle of "quality first, service first, continuous improvement and innovation to meet the customers" for the management We also offer OEM and ODM service for customers. We provide cost-effective and quality products. We are ready to serve you any time. For more information please view our website or contact us any time. Thanks for your attention and Welcome to visit us.

  • FTTx Preconnectorized Cable Assembly
    FTTx Preconnectorized Cable Assembly

    NEATEL Mini SC APC Patchcord Waterproof IPSC (Mini-SC) Patch Cords is a small high waterproof SC single core waterproof connector. Built-in SC connector core, to better reduce the size of the waterproof connector.

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  • Fiber Optic Distribution Terminal Box
    Fiber Optic Distribution Terminal Box

    A complete NEATEL FTTX FastNet for all your network applications, it has keyed characteristics of Configurable, scalable, simple, sounds like a tall order. That's where NEATEL's new FastNet hardened terminals come in. The modular design and innovative technology of our new terminals will help our provider partners keep……

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  • FTTx Preconnectorized Solution
    FTTx Preconnectorized Solution

    NEATEL FTTA cable for outdoot application is designed to connect the backbone fiber to an optical distribution node or an optical network unit and eliminates the need to terminate in the field optical connectors or effectuate splice at the node enclosure. Factory terminated connectors, a water proof node service adapte……

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  • Multiports Service Terminals Boxes
    Multiports Service Terminals Boxes

    Neatel's new economic fiber distributed solution MST box for outdoor use, Compare traditional products. This new one is easy to operate and has high compatibility. It can be use for wall-mounting, aerial installation or holding pole installation. Based on different situation. It’s not only used in FTTH field. But also ……

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  • FTTR Cabling Solution
    FTTR Cabling Solution

    FTTR will play a role in the future evolution of home networks. One of the easiest and most effective ways to mitigate environmental interference and the overall attenuation of wireless signals is to reduce the distance between the Wi-Fi point and the terminal. In a home, a backbone line can be deployed, which then con……

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  • MTP/MPO Cabling Solution
    MTP/MPO Cabling Solution

    MPO (Multi-Fiber Push-on) is the first generation of clip clamping multi-core optical fiber connector. MTP® is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd. , which is an advanced version of MPO, with better mechanical and optical performance. They look alike and are completely compatible and intermateable. MTP/MPO cables ar……

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  • Field Assembly Optical Connectors
    Field Assembly Optical Connectors

    The fiber optical fast connector is a very innovative field termination connector. It contains factory-installed optical fiber, pre-polished ceramic ferrule, and a mechanical splice mechanism. The introduction of optical fiber or indoor optical fiber can be inserted into the mechanical splicing mechanism, no other tool……

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  • Fiber Optic Interconnect System
    Fiber Optic Interconnect System

    There are a range of Fibre Optic products, from individual components to complete assemblies. Manufactured to both Military and Industrial standards. Applications include, but are not limited to: Shipboard Communications, Ship to Shore Communications, Deployable Tactical Communications.

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  • Fiber Optic Splice Closure
    Fiber Optic Splice Closure

    Optical fiber splice closure, also known as optical cable splice box and fiber joint box . It belongs to the mechanical pressure sealing joint system and is a splicing protection device that provides continuity of optical, sealing and mechanical strength between adjacent optical cables. It is mainly used for straight-t……

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  • Fiber Optical Cable
    Fiber Optical Cable

    We are very professional producing fiber optic cable which are apply for INDOOR and OUTDOOR, this type of indoor outdoor cable eliminates the need for a “transition splice” to an indoor-rated cable when routing an outdoor cable into the building. When routing cables within a building, you will also need to factor in fi……

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  • Structured Cabling Solution
    Structured Cabling Solution

    Structured cabling systems are a kind of network cabling solution that organizes your infrastructure. The beauty of structured cabling is that it helps to future-proof your business by accommodating any new hardware you add while supporting the increasing amount of data businesses use every day.

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  • Active Optical Cable
    Active Optical Cable

    Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a new solution of cabling technology that accepts same electrical inputs as a traditional copper cable, but uses optical fiber "between the connectors". AOC uses electrical-to-optical conversion on the cable ends to improve speed and distance characteristic of the cable without sacrificing……

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  • FTTH Tool
    FTTH Tool

    NEATEL has many types of drop cable clamps made of stainless perforated shim materials, nylon or Aluminum, which increases the tension load without cable slip and damage guaranteeing long time of usage. A good fiber optic drop wire clamp can increase working efficiency and reduce your cost. The stainless steel/aluminum……

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