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NEATEL Mini SC APC Patchcord Waterproof IPSC (Mini-SC) Patch Cords is a small high waterproof SC single core waterproof connector. Built-in SC connector core, to better reduce the size of the waterproof connector. Mini SC APC Patchcord is made of special plastic shell IP68 (which is resistant to high and low temperature, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-UV) and auxiliary waterproof rubber pad. Cable Diameter can be 3.0/2.0*3.0/2.0*5.0/5.0/4.0*7.0mm many different sizes.We also accept OEM Services. Insertion loss SM /APC≤0.3dB, Return loss SM/APC≥60dB.Cable outer jacket LSZH or HDPE Materials. Outer jacket color can be yellow and black. Cable can be flat bow drop cable or round cables.