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DIN Rail Fiber Optic Termination Box
Item Description

Our this kind of DIN-028 is a DIN rail mounted fiber optic terminal box that used for fiber connection and distribution. It is made of Aluminum, inside with plastic splice tray, light weight, good to use.

Features and Applications

1) Reasonable design, aluminum box, light weight;

2) Electrostatic powder painting, grey or black color;

3) ABS plastic blue splice tray, rotatable design, compact structure;

4) Max. 24 fibers capacity;

5) FC, ST, LC, SC ... different adapter port available;

6) DIN rail mounted application.

Technical Parameter

Termination Box Specifications

Dimension (mm) Material Adapter Port Splicing Capacity Cable Port Application
DIN-028 133x136.6x35 Aluminum 12 SC simplex Max. 24 fibers 4 ports DIN rail mounted


Name Specification Unit Qty
1 Heat shrinkable protection sleeves 45*2.6*1.2mm Pcs As per using capacity
2 Cable tie 3*120mm white Pcs 2




1. Fiber optic cable

2. Stripping out optical fiber

3. Fiber optic pigtail

4. Splice tray

5. Heat shrinkable protection sleeve