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Road to Growth

1, Found in exploration (2002-2006)



NEATEL had moved from establishment start to three industries, the company had formed the core competitive advantage of research and development.

Established on March, 2010.

Precision Metal Accessory Manufacturing Industry established in March, 2010.

Acquisition Certificate of Metrological Authorization of China in Sep, 2010.

Fiber Optic Industry opened in 30th April, 2011.

Fiber Optic Industry established in 30th April, 2011.

Importing the first five-axis CNC equipment in Jan., 2012.

Acquisition National Qualified Certificate in Feb., 2012.

Injection Molding Industry established in Sep., 2012.

Acquisition Accreditation Certificate of China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories in Sep., 2012.

Importing CNC equipments more than 34 sets, and Medical Industry established in Dec., 2012.

Setting up another new factory in March, 2012.

Buccal and Bone-nail Research Department established in June, 2013

2, Independent research and development, a domestic leader (2013-2020)


Overseas investment introduced made the company more powerful. During the recent 5 years, the company had been kept steady growth of fiancial indicators based on continuous research and development, and expanding market sales network. And the company won the reputation of a domestic leader in the industry finally.

3, International development, creating diversification in the professional field (2012-)


Steady extension for international development and diversification in the professional field make the company more competitive in the international stage. Fiber Optic Rack Industry established in Jan., 2015