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Core Technology
Core Technology

At present, NEATEL spreads network of R&D over the Asia and America.

At present, NEATEL spreads network of R&D over the Aisa and America. Core Technology, Key Technology, Nano Technology, Ultra-precision Composite / Nano-processing Technology, Optical Fiber Technology, Optical Network Technology, Medical Buccal Technology, Medical Bone-nail Transplantation Technology, Military High Power Fast Connection System Technology, Offshore Drilling Information Technology, High-end Technology and so on, made NEATEL acquire great technology breakthrough in the field of Nanotechnology, Precision Metal, Injection Molding Industry. Meanwhile, NEATEL successfully captured the market of Precision Machining, Optical Network, Metal Transplantation Industry, Military Connecting System, becoming one of the most important enterprises in the field of photoelectricity in the world.

NEATEL will accelerate the pace of research in the field of application of Nanotechnology, Network Technology, Medical Technology, Life Safety System and so on, make a solid foundation for future network empire.


Ultra-precision Machining

Optical Network Technology

Transplantation Technology

High Power Connecting Technology



Metallic Material

Plastic Material

Ceramic Material


Optical Network Cabinet and System

Communication Products

Precision Metal Parts Processing

Buccal/Bone-nail Transplantation

High Power / High Density Connecting System


Precision Machining and Injection

Moulding Industries

Optical Fiber Technology / Network

Solutions Industry

Plastic Industry

Medical and Laser Industry

Military Connecting System

Aircraft Parts Machining Industry