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300meters Detachable HDMI AOC for Engineer Cabling Solution

Date: 2021-03-25   Source: Neatel Optic Technology

SOLUTIONS (for Engineering Project )

300m long reach signal transmission system 48Gbps 8K HDMI2.1 AOC

This kind of Active Optical Cable (AOC) from NEATEL which is a cabling technology that accepts same electrical inputs as a traditional copper cable, but uses optical fiber between the connectors to extend HDMI signals with zero loss or latency. The NEATEL AOC 150 meter (623 feet) HDMI 2.0 cables with Ethernet are designed with fiber optical technology to deliver UltraHD with a super bandwidth of 18Gbps. These latest specs from HDMI deliver uncompressed 4K resolutions with 32 audio channels for a multi- dimensional immersive audio and up to 1536 kHz sample frequency to attain highest audio fidelity.


Keyed Characteristic

1, NEATEL HDMI AOC- Active optical cable which is 150m, long distance signal transmission;

2, Premium video quality up to 4096x2160@60Hz;

3, Highly bandwidth up to 18Gbps;

4, Color Sub-sampling of 4:4:4 with Deep Color & HDR;

5, EMI/RF free for clear signal transmission;

6, Plug and Play, no extra power supply;

7, Connector designed by fully shielded, prevent electromagnetic and radio frequency signal interference;

8, Low power consumption;

9, Support color depths to 48 bits;