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IP68 harden FTTX fiber optical Precon solution

Date: 2023-03-29   Source: Neatel Optic Technology

NEATEL is the manufacturer on precise mold evolution and fiber cable assembly of today’s fiber optic connectivity products - make things easy and professional.

NEATEL's FTTX Pre-connectorized Solutions Professionals expanding Carrier Networks Selection Solution, we have many products for FTTx Solution for Pre-connectorized Solution Speed up your fiber network, with our highly experiences of precon cabling solution has keyed characteristics to meet lower cost, save time and labor and future-ready. When we set out to design our new NEATEL fiber-to-the-X (FTTX) ecosystem, we listened well to our customers. You informed us that solutions must deliver the agility to evolve quickly while providing the flexibility to work seamlessly with any field application. We also learned you need solutions that deliver reliability today - and decades from now - so that you can realize your goals and keep pace with the rapidly changing network environment.

As a results, The NEATEL Technology hardened terminals advantage:

1. Configurable
2. Scalable
3. Simple


The required products below for NEATEL FastNet System Solution


A complete NEATEL FTTX FastNet for all your network applications

Configurable, scalable, simple. Sounds like a tall order. That’s where NEATEL’s new FastNet hardened terminals come in. The modular design and innovative technology of our new terminals will help our provider partners keep pace with a rapidly changing network environment. Each terminal in these applications is from NEATEL FastNet Series. They’re designed to adapt to your application—sharing connection capabilities, a unique product information system, a mounting platform, and customer configurability. While FastNet hardened terminals are helping build your network, they’re building your long-term profitability, because one terminal works for all your applications in all your deployments.

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