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MINI-SC APC Field Installable Reinforced Harden Connector
Item Description

Huawei Fastconnect Reinforced Optical Connector is a field installable hardened fiber optical connector, which compatible with Sumitomo, Fujikura and Furukawa fast connector. Can be used for 2.0*5.0mm outdoor flat drop cable. Huawei reinforced adapter is an excellent solution compatible with Huawei Fastconnect system, it is a filed assembly connector adapter, don't need to be terminated in a laboratory, it is easy to install and no need special tools.

Features and Applications
• Waterproof level: IP67;
• Compatible with ESC250D, Sumitomo, Fujikura and Furukawa fast connector;
• Fully compatible with Huawei Fastconnect system;
• Field installation, easily mounted on the field mount optical connector, don't need any specific tools or devices;
• Low insert loss and high return loss;
• High mechanical strength performance;
• PEI material, Acid and alkali resistance, Ultraviolet resistance;
• Outdoor use, 20-year service life.


• Outdoor Areas;
• Harsh Environment.

Technical Parameter
Optical Characteristic
Compatibility Compatible with Sumitomo, Fujikura and Furukawa fast connector
Cable Type 2*5mm or 2*3mm flat drop cable
Fiber Count 1F
Fiber Type Singlemode, G657A1
Typical Insertion Loss ≤0.3dB
Max Insertion Loss ≤0.5dB
Time to terminate 2mins
Max Tensile Strength 200N/cm

Mechanical Characteristics
Waterproof Level IP67
Allowable mating 50 Times
Material Plastic Reinforced PEI
Allowable Tensile Strength 200N (within 60sec)
Color Black
Operating Temperature –40℃ to +90 ℃