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1RU 144 FO Rack Mount Patch Panel (MPO-LC)
Item Description

NT989 is MPO/MTP pre-terminated ultra-high density wiring box, 19 inches, 1U height reaches 144 cores, can be applied to data center, computer room, computer center and other high-density wiring places, front and rear removable upper cover, pull-out double the use of guide rails, detachable front bezels, ABS lightweight modular boxes, etc., makes the NT989 easy to use in high density scenes, whether in cable or cable. The NT989 has A, B, C three layers of trays, each with independent aluminum guide rails and a sliding distance of 110mm. 4 x 12F MPO/MTP module boxes can be installed in each tray, and each module box can be installed with 6 x DLC adapters to achieve 12 cores. Each module box has a separate ABS rail that can be easily installed without restrictions.

Features and Applications

• Ultra-high density wiring application scenario;

• Standard 19-inch width;

• Ultra high density reaches 1U 144 cores;

• Double rail design for easy installation and maintenance;

• Lightweight ABS material MPO/MTP module box;

• Spray surface treatment process;

• Customized color and silk screen LOGO.


• Data centre, Pre-terminated installations or telecommunication networks.

Technical Parameter

Executive standard YD/T788 optical distribution frame
Working temperature - 5℃ ~ + 40℃
Storage temperature - 25℃ ~ + 55℃
Relative humidity ≤95% (at +40℃)
Salt spray test 72 hours
Atmospheric pressure 76-106kpa
Withstand voltage level ≤3000V (DC)
Insertion loss UPC≤0.2dB; APC≤0.3dB
Return loss UPC≥50dB; APC≥60dB
Plugging durability ≥1000 times
ASTM rating 4B
Adhesion ISO rating