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MPO MTP Trunk Cable
Item Description
NEATEL's MTP® trunk multicore cable assemblies facilitate rapid deployment of high density backbone cabling in data centres and other high fibre environments reducing network installation or reconfiguration time and cost. They are used to interconnect cassettes, panels or MTP® fanouts. MTP® trunk assemblies are offered in fibre types in standard 12, 24 or 48 core versions using a compact and rugged micro cable structure. The compact cables optimise cableway use and improve airflow. These MTP® trunks are built with highest quality components. Low loss Elite versions are offered featuring low insertion loss for demanding high speed networks where power budgets are critical.
Features and Applications

• NTT Compatible;

• Low loss interconnect;

• Push-pull mating of MTP for quick connections;

• 100% tested;

• Compliance with the 40 and 100Gbps protocols.

• Consistent and repeatable performance;

• Data Center Racks;

• Desktop/Network Connections;

• Indoor Networking;

• Light-Medium duty Indoor/Outdoor.

Technical Parameter
Min Typical Max Unit
Operating Wavelength Singlemode 1310/1550 nm
Multimode 850 nm

Insertion Loss
Low Loss
0.30 dB
0.35 dB
Return Loss Single-mode 60 dB
Multimode 20 dB
Fiber Type Follow PN Description
Connector Type
Follow PN Description
Follow PN Description m

Jacket Color
Yellow SMF-28e and G657A1 Fiber
OM1 62.5/125um, OM2 50/125um
Aqua OM3 50/125um, OM4 50/125um