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24 FO MPO/MTP LGX Cassette Module
Item Description
The MPO / MTP® module box is pre-termianted to increase the installation speed. The module box and the external MPO / MTP® port can be easily and efficiently connected to the main line. A single MPO / MTP® provides instant connection to 24 fibers.
Features and Applications

• 12, 24-core LC and 12-core SC single-core fiber;

• LC, SC can be used with low loss connectors;

• Common and elite MTP® / MPO connectors;

• 12, 24-core MTP / MTP® connector;

• It is made of 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate with black fine sand on the surface;

• The fiber types are SM (G657A1), MM (OM3/OM4).


•  Storage area network;

•  Data center and infrastructure;

•  Fibre Channel.

Technical Parameter
Material ABS
Color Black
Rear Adapter Type

MPO/MTP® (Standard ear / one key up, another key down)

Rear Adapter Color Black
Front Adapter Type LC duplex (high and low) x 6pcs, SC duplex x 6pcs, LC quad x 6pcs

Front Adapter Color
Aqua: OM3/OM4

Blue: SM/UPC

Green: SM/APC

Connector A

SM: LC/UPC 0.9mm, LC/APC 0.9mm or SC/UPC 0.9mm

MM: LC/UPC 0.9mm

Connector B

SM: MPO/MTP®(male)/APC

MM: MPO/MTP®(male)/PC

Polarity Type A
Dimension L×W×H(mm):111 x 101 x 90mm