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Max 960 Cores 10 Ports Vertical Type Fiber Optical Splice Closure
Item Description

This Technical Datasheet suits for NTFOS2022 Splitter Splice Closure (Hereafter abbreviated as FOSC), NTFOS2024 splitter closure can install various kind of PLC or box splitter; it is especially for FTTH project. The scope of application is: aerial, underground, wall-mounting, handhole-mounting and duct-mounting. The ambient temperature ranges from -40℃ to +65℃.

Features and Applications
■ Reliable sealing
The splice closure is designed with a heat-shrinkable sealing structure. There is a large oval
tube at the bottom, which is used for sealing the uncut mid-span cable, and the small tubes are used for branch cables and drop cables. Using high-strength PP engineering plastics, the splice closure has a longer service life and excellent sealing performance.

■ Modular design
The splice tray is designed with a fast stacking structure, and the number of fusion splice trays
can be increased or decreased according to the capacity. Supports coiled storage of fibers with loose tubes, and the bending radius of fibers is greater than 30mm.

■ Powerful Features
1) Support optical cable splicing, splitting, distribution, branching, connection, and mid-span storage.

2) Support grounding by using ground connection wires.

■ Excellent Practicabilit

1) Adopts excellent composite PP and stainless steel materials to reach a longer service life for 20 years (depends on environment).

2) Designed with a value to facilitate testing with strong anti-impaction and anti-corrosion performance.

Technical Parameter
Product Specification

Product name Max 960 Cores 10 Ports Vertical Type Fiber Optical Splice Closure
Weight (excluding outside box) About 7.15 kg
Color Black
Material PP+30% GF
Outside Dimension (H × W × L) 280mm (D) × 590mm (H)
Water Proof Level IP68
Diameter of fiber cable Oval port 1pc, φ8~23mm; Branch ports 8pcs, φ8~22mm;
Capacity of FOSC Bunchy max. 960 Cores
Seal Method Mechanical seal
Mounting kits Aerial Aerial / Wall / Pole / Manhole
Working Temperature -20°C~+70°C
Storage Temperature -20°C~+70°C