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Indoor Distribution Round Optical Cable
Item Description
Indoor Distribution Round Optical Cable

NEATEL offers a board variety of fiber optic cable for all indoor access and structure cabling application such as simplex, duplex, tight buffer, distribution, breakout and ribbon cable. Fitting most of the indoor application environment, whatever for short distance cabling or premises structure cabling. G652D, G657A1/A2, OM1 62.5/125μm, OM2 50/125μm, OM3 and OM4 fibers are available. NEATEL also provides the customization service on the fiber, colours and construction of the cables for catering different cases. NEATEL distribution cables utilizes the colour coded 900um fiber, surrounded by the aramid yard and either PVC or LSZH outer jacket. These cables are specially designed for indoor structure cabling . Either splicing, preterminated or field termination are suitable.

Features and Applications
Keyed Characteristics

Fiber count up to 48 core;
Ideal for indoor structure cabling, especially horizontal installation in premises;
Suitable for pre-terminated with connector or field termination;
Small bending radius, light weight and non-metallic structure;
Colour coded fibers for easy identification;
Flame retardant or LSZH jacket is available;
Comply to TIA/EIA568b-3 and ISO/IEC 11801.
Technical Parameter

● Telecommunication networks;
● Wide Area Networks;
● Industrial, medical & military;
● Local Area Networks;
● Test equipment;
● Active device termination;
● Data processing networks.