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IP65 16 ports OTB Optical Termination Box
Item Description
This kind of 16 ports OPTICAL TERMINAL BOX manufactured from NEATEL is intended to accommodate and protect optical splice within the optical termination box by merging of the optical access network. Each tray supports up to 16 fusions, has systems to accommodate, store, protect and transport optical fibers, it designed a high density wall mounted or pole solution for next generation networks, which aims to provide and manage fiber splitters in a limited space in a limited space. It is designed for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) or FTTB (Fiber to the Building) with protective housing for all the passive fiber equipment installed inside.
Features and Applications
1) Water-proof design with IP65 Protection level;
2) Manage fibers in a reasonable fiber radius condition;
3) Fiber bend radius control more than 40mm;
4) 1*16 micro type Splitter can be installed;
5) Suitable for the fusion splice;
6) Easy to maintain and extend the capacity.


1) Outdoor FTTH Application;
2) Fiber Optic Communications.

Technical Parameter
Product name IP65 16 ports OTB Optical Termination Box
Amount of adapters Up to 16
Capacity Ports 16 Ports SC
Color Black or Customized
Dimension 300*220*100mm
Number of Trays Splice Standard: 1
Number of Cables Entrance 2
Input Cable OD (mm) 5-16
Number of Cable Derivation 2
Cable Outlet Size (mm)  2.0 x 3.0
Minimum Diameter of Derivation Cable (mm) 6.0
Sealed System Method Mechanical with rubber band
Material PP with UV protection
Insertion Loss Standard type SM /APC≤0.3dB
Insertion loss Elite type SM/APC≥0.2dB
Return Loss PC >50dB, APC>60dB
Durability (500 matings) ≥0.2dB
Working Temperature -25°C~+75°C
Weight (kg) 1.8
Accessories included Screws for wall installation and pole installation