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96 Cores Subscriber Optical Fiber Access Termianal Box
Item Description
This kind of  subscriber optical fiber access terminal box from NEATEL company is used to build FTTH smart network. It is designed for in-line application to provide a protected access point between the distribution cable and drop cable. This product can keep internal components away from outdoor environmental damage. Its flexible configuration supports 3 cable in and 3 cable out. Cassette type optical splitter could be built-in. Good performance is useful in harsh environment.

Features and Applications
1) In-line application and easy to install;
2) Outdoor application and high performace UV resistant;
3) Double side drop cable outlet. Drop cable can lead in at both sides, easy to deploy;
4) Cassette splitter for easy expansion;
5) 3 layer structure and easy to maintain;
6) High strength material with good weather adaptability;
7) Support ADSS cable and self-support fiber cable;
8) Separate area for distribution cable and drop cable, easy for expansion and service provisioning;
9) Protection grade: IP65;
10) Light weight.


This box is suitable for the application on NAP in the distributed split PON architecture.
Technical Parameter